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It’s time to work with the hottest company in the lead gen industry

If you’re looking to purchase our fire health insurance leads or looking add a little heat to a lead generation campaign of your own, fill out the form below and we will get back to you in a flash!


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The Ultimate Trial Offer

Fire Leadz founder, President & Chief Marketing Officer, Adam Howell, has a motto:

“If youre going to believe in anyone, why not yourself?!”

He makes a good point & we’ve utilized this motto to create an unheard of trial offer. Here’s the deal:

  • We will build a basic custom lead generation campaign from scratch.
  • This includes a logo, landing page & a Google Ads account with our proven blue print of success.
  • There are 2 investment levels we are offering, the $200 trial & the $400 trial. Choose the level that best suits your industry. If you’re a bath & kitchen remodeller in a competitive city like Denver, CO, we will turn down a $200 trial because 4-6 leads isn’t a large enough data set for us to prove ourselves to you. If you’re a handyman in Waco, TX however, we can earn you some nice business for $200. BE SENSIBLE.
The Guarantee

We will show you bare minimum of double your investment or we will refund you your investment minus any profits made short of our goal.

The Catch

Listen, our company is family owned and operated & we like to think of ourselves as good value oriented people, but we’re not solely doing this because we want you to have an extra $400 in your pocket before the holidays. Fire Leadz, up until now has solely managed enterprise level, national, health insurance lead generation campaigns with yearly PPC spends in the high 7 figures. In the 4th quarter of 2019, Fire Leadz is launching our Lava Flow Digital Realty program and this trial is how we’re finding our tenants.


Filling out this form will be your best business decision of 2019

Between the hours of 9am – 10pm EST you will be contacted by one of our veteran campaign managers, not a salesman, to gather the information we need such as industry, location, competitors digital infrastructure etc From there we can layout a clear timeline of when the landing page will be completed, when you will begin receiving leads, how many leads and what ROI we will guarantee to hit or your investment returned minus sales revenue earned


Trial Amount



The most honest answer we can give is that it is our solution to be able to spend more time with our kids who are growing up WAAAY too fast. Our Founder | President | CMO Adam, Adam’s sister, Rachael, our VP of Finance and her husband, Steve, our Co-Founder | COO, have 2 children; a boy and a girl. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a small business owner & realize starting a business, especially one that has seen tremendous success like Fire Leadz, knows long hours & sacrifice are part of the deal. We’ve come up with a solution we feel is a win win for our families and clients.
Once we knock your socks off in our Trial by Fire, we’re going to make you an offer to rent a custom website from us that will generate a guaranteed amount of leads & phone calls. We will make you a month to month offer & a less expensive year long lease commitment. We will affordably help you grow your business with the best sales leads in the country & we get to spend more time together as a family outside of an office environment. Sound good? We think so!



Our team of experts will analyze your current setup or space and either identify weaknesses in your current setup and/or identify soft spots to target.


Once we analyze your space or campaign, we will have a meeting of minds to discuss both long & short game to ensure you’re properly positioned now & in the future.


Whether you have an in-house team or need us to implement the new strategy, we have you covered from start to finish. A Lava Leads Consultant will oversee the entire implementation process to make sure its done right, the first time.


With the help of industry standard analytics tracking, a team of seasoned lead generation specialists and award winning landing page design, we will continue to optimize your sales lead campaign to make sure you’re getting the highest ROI in your space.

The best health insurance leads in the United States, aggregated ethically!

Founded by Top Producer Agent

We are the only health insurance lead generator that was built to cater to the closer. Because of our master closer roots, we are able to not only know what makes a quality lead but also include other tools agents can use to build credibility and common ground.

Prospects Cash Qualified Multiple Times

Open enrollment is when, you, my fellow agents, make sure your kids have a nice holiday and you have some padding going into the new year. I assure you, in my proprietary process, I’ve done my best to make sure every call is a live call.


Verified Share Caps on all Leads

Many offices are hurting right now because the quality of shared leads has diminished. There is a reason why. The lead company might only sell it to 8 offices but then those offices share and so on. It is in our contract that we will ban anyone compromising the quality of our leads.

7 out of 10 Fortune 1000 Companies have an ineffective or lackluster social media strategy…continued neglect will make them the next Sears.

Social media, aside from providing a quality product or service, is the best way to build brand loyalty, increase market share and engage with your customer base! Dying brands have surged back to life solely by having an effective and entertaining campaign. We will show you how.


Your logo & branding are crucial to an efficient lead generation campaign. This is your first impression to prospects; make it count! The Fire Marketing Team is up to date on all best practices and trends when it comes to developing the face of your company.

  • We will use every trick in the book to ensure your company not only looks good but is remembered by your target demographic.
  • Our award winning graphic designers will develop several concepts & we will utilize the best aspects of each to deliver a marketing correct face for your entity. This allows you to grow not only brand awareness but also market share. 

We Listen well


Service Needed

Fire Logos, Branding & Graphic Design

Lava Leads Consultants

Hitting a roadblock? Lava Leads Consultants can help.

  • Conversion Optimization
  • Scaling Vertically
  • Lead Flow Infrastructure
  • Channel creation and development

We Listen well


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